Sunday, April 17, 2011

Birthday Boy

It was impossible on Lincoln's birthday not to reflect on the past year and think about how much the tiny little baby we brought home from the hospital changed our lives.  I was a bit of a sentimental mess all day!  Everyone tells you that kids grow so fast, but until you have one of your own, you really can't comprehend how true that statement is. 

I had planned a BIG birthday party to commemorate the special occassion. But, as I've learned this year, once a baby comes along, plans have to be flexible. Lincoln's daycare called on Thursday to say he was running a pretty high fever. Turns out, he had the flu...again. I didn't know it was possible to get the flu twice in one season (especially after getting a flu shot), but apparently it is more common than I thought. As a result, we postponed his birthday celebration (so stay tuned for pics from the party in a few weeks). 
Luckily, Flu Round 2 was not as brutal as the first round and by Friday evening he was feeling better, so on his big day we had a small family celebration with Grandma Cheryl. 
Opening his presents from Uncle Jay, Aunt Debbie, Julia and Ethan

He LOVED Grandma Chery's gift and did not want to put it in his piggy bank

The birthday hat, though adorable, was NOT a hit.  

But he thought the cupcake was pretty cool....

And interesting...(it needed some studying before he dug in)

and VERY yummy!

  So...what does one do with a one year old who is too well to hang out at the house all day and rest, but too sick to have a party?  I'm not sure what the right answer to that one is, but we decided to go to the park. 

Too cool for school in his sunglasses! 

As always, the slide is a HUGE hit! 

We purchased a ball pit as entertainment for the party, but decided to go ahead and blow it up and let him play in it this weekend.  What a great idea.  If it didn't take up half of our living room, I'd be tempted to leave it up all the time because he loved it so much!