Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fall Fun

(Or as Lincoln says, "ha-ha!")

Fall has been a lot of fun at our house this year.  Lincoln is old enough to participate in and enjoy the activities that come along with the season.  Doesn't he make an adorable cowboy?  

We took our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch at the Arboretum. 

Last year at just under 6 months we had to prop him up on the pumpkins because he couldn't sit up by himself yet.  

This year he was all over the place!

We painted pumpkins with Grandma Kathy and Paw-Paw (though I'm not sure the grandparents enjoyed it as much as Lincoln...notice they are sitting VERY far away from the paint!)

Our church held it's annual Fall Festival; which Lincoln loved.  

Linc's favorite game at the Fall Festival was the duck hunt.  He didn't care about the candy or prizes, he just thought pulling the ducks out of the water was awesome!

Halloween at school was filled with all sorts of fun events.  Lincoln's daycare is located in downtown Dallas.   Each year the kids dress up and walk around the the area offices to receive candy treats.  

Getting his bag ready...

Miss Gretchen handing out candy...

He loved holding his bag open!

Whew...Mommy was TIRED.  Next year this will be a two-parent job!

Daddy works just down the street and was able to join Lincoln for his afternoon Halloween party

Lincoln loved showing his friends the cool games his daddy could play.

Umm...adorable!  His teachers must be saints.

Yum...juice and cupcakes and cheetos.  

Rounding out the fall fun, we went to a birthday party at the Dallas Zoo.  
(thanks Chandler for having such a cool party!)

Lincoln loved checking out the animals

But I think he loved chasing Laurel even more!  
They were adorable!

Sitting on daddy's shoulders to see the animals!

Of course, it was hard to go to the zoo and not think about the loss that our friends, The Sikes', have experienced this year.  They continue to be on our hearts.  If they continue to be on yours, I encourage you to make a donation to the James Camden Sikes fund for the research of rhabdoid tumors.  You can contribute at

We didn't visit Jamie the Giraffe on this trip.  
We'll make a special trip to see her soon!

Lincoln turned 18 months old in October.  He is growing and changing everyday, so I thought we'd document the words he knows and the things he likes to do right now.  Getting him to perform on command is always a bit of a challenge, so this is in bits and pieces...Enjoy! 

P.S. ...thanks to Sandra Boynton for teaching Lincoln that "three singing pigs say la, la, la"...