Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Have you all met Pirate Lincoln?  He's a "big boy" now as he is fond of telling us.  He has a newfound independence for doing things himself and often leaves a room telling us he will "be right back" (which means, don't follow me, I can do this myself!).  

So, it seemed appropriate to give our big boy a big boy room (forgive my poor iPhone photos)

I was determined to do his room makeover on a tight budget (shocking, I know...but I want my husband to stay married to me).  Luckily, we purchased a convertible crib, so the majority of the furniture was taken care of.  The dresser in the picture above was his changing table.  A few minutes with a screwdriver and it converted back to a dresser very nicely!  The color on the walls is Sherwin Williams Ryegrass.  Thanks to the awesome Sydney Fiedler for suggesting this color when we first moved into the house.  It worked with his nursery then and I think it makes and ADORABLE big boy room color, that meant all I had to do was touch up nail holes.  

A couple of items I added:  Pottery Barn Madras bedding with an alligator duvet cover and alligator sheets (he thinks these are so cool...and I picked up a piece or two at a time over the course of several that's practically free, right!), a bright orange bedside table for a pop of color (which I found for super cheap online), shelves from Hobby Lobby ($12/each!!!) which my sweet mama painted white, a few pieces of Lincoln's art work on display and a few lamps...and Lincoln's favorite piece of all, the "road carpet" (which I got online at, using a 20% discount I received in the mail). 

John and I really wanted his room to have space for him to play, so we kept his bed on one side of the room and made a play area in front of the dresser.  He loves getting his cars out and racing them on the rug.  

A bright orange lamp and my dad's teddy bear from when he was a little boy (Boo-boo bear) adorn the chest. 

We updated his bathroom by doing some coordinating bathmats and hand towels...and that's all for now because at some point our circa 1959 bathroom will need a little more love.  

And...can someone please tell me how he EVER napped without black-out curtains?!?  We love these things!  

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  1. I love the room makeover, Heather! What a FUN big boy room! Is it bad that I can't wait for my 16 month old's "nursery" to become a big boy room?!? :)